The Southern Girl Afield

When she was alive, I certainly couldn’t picture the lady in long skirt and feathered hat with a shotgun over her shoulder – whistling up the bird dogs, mounting her horse and galloping off through fields of cotton.

Such images and random tales of a bygone era are the stuff that invite us to contemplate our ties to the past and awaken us to the present. Or so it seems, as I pull from my home library collection a very tattered but cherished issue of Field and Stream from the year 1903 and reread an article about a remarkable lady: the late Georgie Willson Newell from Natchez.

Featured in a story titled, “The Southern Girl Afield,” and undoubtedly seen as avant-garde – at least by the author, Andrews Wilkinson – Georgie relished the hunt. She was a good shot to boot. Born in 1880, she was in her early twenties when… read full story in DeSoto Magazine full story in DeSoto Magazine, page 24-27 

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