Have Boots, Will Travel!

I write about people, places and products for a variety of print and digital media. Although I haven’t written much about the Wild West, I do own a pair of cowboy boots, and I’ve lived in Steamboat Springs, Golden (home of Coors beer) and Denver.  Just happen to be inspired by the colorful snapshot (above) taken at a Wyoming ranch.

So where have these boots been walking?  Follow along on this site where you’ll find links to published stories. Click Online Articles or Print Articles for newspaper and magazine features on travel and other topics, from fireflies to equine therapy.

The Francophile that I am, la belle France is still my favorite destination. But I find the fjords of Norway a real feast for the eyes, and with a wee bit more Irish luck, I’ll be stranded another week in Ireland.

For the time being… I’m a Southerner returned home~